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Check the link. An error can lock out your audience.

Check the link. An error can lock out your audience. 2560 1707 I Need A Speaker

Dafna Gold Melchior – one of our wonderful speakers – recently posted this on LinkedIn. With her permission we’re sharing this message:

“Check the link. Double check the link. Otherwise you could discover that your esteemed guests were sent somewhere else…

I delivered a workshop last night, on behalf of an organization. 150 people signed up via a production company, which sent them an invite with a link. I was in the Zoom room early, checked sound and share screen with the helpful tech person.

At a few minutes to the hour, we started wondering why no one was joining… Turned out the production company had mistakenly sent the wrong link…

By the time I too was sent the (wrong) link my audience had received, there were 8 people left (5 with cameras off). So three lucky people received my workshop, and I assure you I gave them my all, as I would have with 150 participants.

I’m sharing this to spare you the same frustrating experience. I beg you, have those who handle logistics on your behalf check and re-check the link.”

Follow her advice.


Photo credit: Pexels

Why Clubhouse may be your best training resource

Why Clubhouse may be your best training resource 2560 1920 I Need A Speaker

Clubhouse is one of the most popular new social media apps. Currently available to iPhone users only, Clubhouse describes itself as “a new type of social network based on voice—where people around the world come together to talk, listen and learn from each other in real time.”

As of 1 February 2021, Clubhouse has 2 million users. I haven’t turned off my Clubhouse notifications, and my phone regularly lights up with mentions of current, new, or scheduled “rooms.” As a user, I can drop into these rooms and listen to a discussion or raise my hand to participate. I can create my own room solo or with other people.

So what’s the appeal for someone who is a public speaker? There are several benefits, actually … networking, learning, promoting yourself. But today I want to focus on a really important benefit that’s especially beneficial for emerging public speakers: practice.

If you’re anxious about public speaking or feel like you need to speak more confidently, take the Clubhouse “stage” and share your thoughts. The tone of the app is an informal, using a pop-in-quietly-and-leave-quietly design. Schedule your own room on a topic you know well, or raise your hand in someone else’s room to contribute.

You’ll have the opportunity to receive valuable feedback. And when people ask questions, that tells you what information you might want to include when speaking in front of a live audience.

When you do this with regularity, you’ll refine your message, obtain more experience in delivering it, and advance your public speaking goals.


Photo credit: Pexels

Celebrating St. Paddy’s Day: kissing the Blarney Stone and Irish advice on speaking

Celebrating St. Paddy’s Day: kissing the Blarney Stone and Irish advice on speaking 1920 2560 I Need A Speaker

I’ve spent a lot of time in Ireland, yet it never seems like enough. I miss the people, the scenery, the craic (pronounced “crack,” it means fun), and, of course, the advice.

I’m among the throngs of people who have climbed the steps of Blarney Castle and stretched backward to kiss the Blarney Stone. Legend claims that kissing the Blarney Stone will give the kisser the gift of eloquence.

Fueled with confidence and the blessing of better speech, people may benefit from some of the Irish sayings below:

  1. Who keeps his tongue keeps his friends.
  2. A kind word never broke anyone’s mouth.
  3. It is often that a person’s mouth broke his nose.
  4. Every St. Patrick’s Day every Irishman goes out to find another Irishman to make a speech to.

We love this traditional advice! What’s your favorite Irish saying?


Photo credit: Tricia Richards-Service

We can all use a good laugh … and we know just the person to make it happen

We can all use a good laugh … and we know just the person to make it happen 1707 2560 I Need A Speaker

One of our favorite speakers recently celebrated reaching 3.3 million views of her Dry Bar Comedy Special. Congratulations, Karen!

A former attorney, Karen Morgan has been making audiences laugh for years. After a year of public health restrictions related to COVID, we need a laugh more than ever.

Karen is frequently hired by companies that add humor to employee events, bringing relief to anxious and overworked staff. Karen also helps national, regional, and local nonprofits recover some of the fundraising dollars they lost over the past year – while having fun.

We’re proud that she’s one of our speakers, and we thank her for adding some levity when we need it most. Thanks, Karen!

Does your group need a dose of comedy? Contact and book Karen through our directory.


Photo provided by Karen Morgan

Two ways to honor women during Women’s History Month

Two ways to honor women during Women’s History Month 2560 1707 I Need A Speaker

Happy International Women’s Day!

It’s also Women’s History Month, and we’re in the mood to celebrate!

Here are two ways you can honor women this month:

  • Book a female speaker for your classroom guest lecture, your keynote, your panel presentation, your webinar, or any other speaker event.
  • If you’re a female speaker, join our searchable directory to help new people find you. Let your voice be heard.

We are on a mission to amplify new and different voices. Join us on our mission and help audiences discover the benefits.



Photo credit: Pexels

Is it okay to speak for free?

Is it okay to speak for free? 2560 1707 I Need A Speaker

One subject that is often debated is rates. We do agree that women should be paid the same rate as men. Speakers know there is value to our presentations. And most people say they prefer paid opportunities. But we don’t always agree on whether speakers should agree to present for free.

According to the feedback we’ve received from speakers, there are occasions when people might be willing to appear at no cost:

  • Presenting at his or her alma mater
  • Presenting to support a cause that’s important to him/her
  • Presenting for a fundraiser
  • Presenting in local venues to help build a speaking career
  • Presenting to test an idea or strategy
  • Presenting to gain experience
  • Presenting to add the event to a speaker’s resume
  • Presenting to stay active during retirement
  • Presenting to get visibility when seeking a job or promotion.

These are all reasons we’ve heard for people to agree to participate in a speaker event at no cost. We’ve also heard from speakers who rationalize that these opportunities are their livelihood. We see both sides and understand that determining rates – or gratis appearances – is an individual decision.

What is your opinion? We’d love to hear from you! E-mail us at info@ineedaspeaker.com and share your thoughts. With your permission, we may share your point of view in an upcoming post or newsletter article.

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Go where people are looking for you

Go where people are looking for you 2560 1707 I Need A Speaker

Some speakers tell us that they have their own website where people can get information on booking them for a speaker event. If this is you, that’s great. We hope you continue that.

But wouldn’t you also want to be found by people who don’t know about your website?


Photo credit: Pexels

“We are a community of storytellers”

“We are a community of storytellers” 2560 1676 I Need A Speaker

The Golden Globe Awards inspire a lot of buzz. What won best picture? Who was she wearing? While it’s fun to chat about those things, my favorite part of the event was Jane Fonda’s speech.

As this year’s recipient of the Cecil B. DeMille Award for lifetime achievement in film, Fonda referred to the industry as “a community of storytellers” and delivered a passionate plea for diversity.

Wait. Storytellers and diversity? I had no idea that I Need A Speaker has so much in common with the glitterati!

Like Fonda, I also believe that ” … stories have a way — they can change our hearts and our minds, they can help us see each other in a new light, to have empathy.”

Later in her acceptance speech, Fonda noted: “Stories, they really can change people. But there’s a story we’ve been afraid to see and hear about ourselves … a story about which voices we respect and elevate.”

It’s inspiring and refreshing to hear other people support our values. I Need A Speaker was built to share stories in the interest of mutual understanding. It was built to help people discover the human similarities in all of us. And it was built to proudly amplify new voices.

We’re listening.



Photo credit: Pexels

Ask us anything! We’ll answer your questions in future blog posts.

Ask us anything! We’ll answer your questions in future blog posts. 1709 2560 I Need A Speaker

We hope you enjoyed last week’s Five-Day Public Speaking Challenge! If you haven’t completed it, just review the blog posts for your updates.

Today we’re asking your input for future blog posts. What are your questions about public speaking and event planning? Submit your questions to marketing@ineedaspeaker.com, and we’ll answer them in a future blog post.

For regular tips, visit the home page of our website and sign up to our newsletter!

Five-Day Public Speaking Challenge: Day Five

Five-Day Public Speaking Challenge: Day Five 2560 1700 I Need A Speaker

Congratulations! You’ve made it to the final step in the I Need A Speaker Five-Day Challenge! Over the past five days, you’ve fine-tuned your message, considered your audience, learned from others, and developed a compelling speech outline. I bet you know what’s next …


There is an old joke about a man who asked someone for directions while in New York City. “Excuse me,” the man asked a stranger who seemed to know his way around. “Can you tell me how to get to Carnegie Hall?” The stranger replied, “Practice, practice, practice!”

Silly, but true. And it’s the same with public speaking. To get where you want to be, you’ve got to practice.

When you’re ready to debut your work, ask a trusted friend or colleague to watch your presentation. Have them share honest, constructive feedback.

Ask if the reviewer could easily follow along. Find out if they felt an emotional connection. Were you perceived as relatable? Was your presentation delivered with authenticity, value, and effectiveness?

Listen to the feedback with an open mind. Afterward, develop a plan to strengthen your weaknesses and celebrate your successes.


We’re so proud of you! Keep up the great work!

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